LaSalle Springs Student Handbook

111 East North Street, Eureka, MO 63025 | Phone (636) 733-2000 | Fax (636) 733-8851

Welcome to LaSalle Springs Middle School!

LaSalle Springs Middle School Principal Aaron Wilken

​Dear LaSalle Springs Families,

Welcome to LaSalle Springs Middle School! I hope you enjoyed a summer filled with fun, relaxation, and exciting memories. We are thrilled to welcome all of you​ to a new year of learning. We focus on both the academic and social growth of our students and will strive to make sure that every student feels welcome at LSMS. Students are asked to show Wildcat PRIDE (Proactive, Respect, Integrity​, Determination, Engagement) in all that they do.

Please take some time to read through our handbook. It will provide you with important informational policies relating to the safety and operation of our school as well as important information about contacts, activities, and life at LaSalle Springs Middle School.

Open communication is a key to a successful partnership. Please feel free to contact any staff member with questions, compliments, or concerns. You will receive regular communications from me in the form of our weekly newsletter. You can visit our website or our Facebook page for updated information and please follow me on Twitter @LaSalleMS​​.

I look forward to working with you.​


Aaron Wilken
Principal, LaSalle Springs Middle School