Wildwood Student Handbook

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Dear Wildwood Families,

Wildwood Middle School Principal Dr. Allison Klouse

​The staff of Wildwood Middle School are thrilled to welcome you and your family into a quality educational environment that both nurtures a students individual talent and passion, while strengthening their skills to interact respectfully with other members of their school environment.

We believe each child deserves the right to attend school in a safe environment and the opportunity to learn in an atmosphere of respect and care.  Additiona​lly, our focus on building and maintaining positive relationships is our top priority. Each student and staff member has a responsibility to do their part in creating a safe and stimulating learning environment and we will work tirelessly to minimize distractions to ensure each students ability to thrive!

Our WMS team is available throughout the year to assist and support your family.  Foremost in our minds is working with you to provide your child the best lifetime insurance--a great education!  We look forward to working with your family in making these middle school years at Wildwood an enjoyable, productive and rewarding experience.​​​​​​​​

With much respect,​
Dr. Allison Klouse